Welcome to  Pet A & E – a group of veterinary practices in Harrogate and Ripon,
"Working with you to provide the best possible care for your pets.".

We also have two sister practices, Acorn Veterinary Clinic in Ripon and Ashdale Veterinary Clinic on Otley Road in Harrogate.

Our centrally held patient database ensures that all your pet's records are fully accessible whichever of our three practices you visit; and we are able to transport patients between branches in our custom-built ambulance.

Facilities And Equipment


We are based in an RCVS-certified Veterinary Hospital. This means our nursing staff are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for in-patients. This means that if your pet has to be admitted, he or she will never be left alone.

Required Job Vacancy

Out-of-Hours VN or VN Trainee (or potential VN Student) Required
For OOH Duties Nights and weekends.
5 week Rota:
1 week of Night duties (18.30 start 07.30 finish) Mon – Friday.
1 Weekend Duty: (07.30 Saturday to 07.30 Monday)
No other routine DAY work included in this position.
Apply to job@vethospital.co.uk

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